Terms & Conditions 

Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire will provide Special Occasion Equipment under these Terms & Conditions Of Our Agreement 

The Services We Will Provide Under This Agreement are:

1) By placing an order with us over the internet you are agreeing that you accept the following Terms & Conditions:

Please read this carefully Terms & Conditions for Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire, upon entering Into this agreement, you the hirer are agreeing to the terms set out In These terms and conditions. This will form a binding contract with you. No alterations or changes to these terms and conditions will be valid unless we have agreed in writing with you

Within these Terms & Conditions to goods hired including, Candy Cart, Wedding Linen Hire, Cake Stands, Cake Separators or any other equipment hired by you from us under this contract of hire agreement

2)We have the right to collect hired items after the event has finished due to your contract agreement coming to an end. We need to clean them ready for our next hire. We have very tight deadlines & Under NO circumstances is the collection time negotiable

3)Our Hire equipment will be at the venue of your choice, we only cover Leicestershire Area ONLY. We will set up ONLY If you have chose that package, I will collect at a time agreed between ourselves


4)Agreed in writing by us as stated on your Quotation the price of Hire will be the price quoted. Your quotation is only valid for 14 days. Prices are in GBPounds & NO VAT 

Hire Conditions

Non-Refundable Deposit

5)The hirer agrees to pay Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire specified for the equipment hired for the Hire period stated on there invoice. A refundable security deposit is required on the time of booking & a non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from your balance. This will secure your date. Your security deposit will be returned to you, on inspection of goods.  The goods need to be undamaged and no losses.  Otherwise we will deduct this from you security deposit.  We will normally send you an invoice showing you this.  Security Deposits are then returned 5 working days after your event if all goods are fully received back undamaged and no losses.

Breech Of Contract

6)If the balance isn’t paid in FULL by 28 days before the event you will break the terms of our contract agreement between us and the deposit. will NOT be refundable.  If a balance isn’t paid in FULL we have the right to withdraw all our services of your acceptance of your order. If you wish to extend the time of hire this needs to be requested in advance to check availability, this needs to be requested by email as soon as possible.  Also if we don’t get a signed contract agreement we will also have to cancel our services with you


7)All items will remain the property of Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire

Cancellation Of Contract Agreement

8)You can cancel at any time up to 28 days before event without incurring any additional costs but, you will lose your deposit has it is non - refundable

If you wish to cancel after 28 days your will incur further charges usually the full balance owing. Cancellations after this will be charged at 100 percent of the balance owing & Admin & transport costs. All cancellations must be made in writing by email as soon as you possible can

Loses or damages

9)The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to goods from delivery to collection.

Lose Or Replacement Charges

10)When goods collected are damaged or lost, we have the right to charge you a damage waiver fee which will be deducted from your security deposit. (Details of these charges are available on request) this will be full replacement value of costs of equipment and are per each item. A full itemised list can be requested.

Lose or Damage costs have to be paid in Full within 5 workings days of receiving your invoice.  Unpaid invoices will be passed onto the debt collection agency and further charges may be incurred.

Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire reserves the right to charge you for loss of revenue or profit on the loss of future hire of any damage goods within 7 days of being informed by email, telephone or post of such damage. Otherwise the said items will be disposed off.

Whilst the goods are in your possession the customer will be held fully responsible.

Whereas a deposit is non-refundable you may get sent a further invoice for damages and loses to cover the cost of our equipment & any costs in transport

11)Wet table linen hire or chair cover hire must not be placed into plastic carry bags that may be attacked by mildew they will be charged at a full replacement cost an invoice will be sent to you and will need to be paid within 5 working days for the date of your invoice.

Payment Terms

12)We accept the following payment method:

Payments can be made by BACS transfer 

Deposit & Security Deposit required on time of booking to secure your date

Balance is due to be paid in FULL, 28 days before the event date

Late Bookings

13)100% Of the total cost will need to be paid on late bookings that are less than 28days before the event.


14)Equipment must be returned on the date specified on your invoice

Late Payments

15)Late Payment Fees will be applied from your deposit for any days your payment is late. Late payment fees are £20 each time it’s late

If equipment received back late is later than the date agreed than specified date, Late Payment Fees will be applied from your deposit

Damage Fees

16)Damage waiver Fees applies if goods returned in unfit condition. Price List Available On request

Cleaning Fees

17)Cleaning Fees will be applied if returned in a un-clean condition. This excludes Wedding Chair Cover Hire & Table Linen Hire. Contact Us for cleaning fees prices.

NO solvents to be USED on equipment, just warm soapy water as this can damage the equipment

General Terms Under This Agreement 

18)All goods remain your responsibility until Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire has collected them from you. They need to be stored in a dry place, and In there original packaging


19)Colours may vary from time to time there may be a slight shade colour difference this is due to the suppliers changing there stock so different batches etc but, the colours will be the nearest colour to match & pictures are for illustration purposes only.  We do advise to buy a sample first so your happy with your colour.

Public Liability 

20)Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire will not be held liable in respect to:

Death or Personal Injury caused by our negligence 

Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation 

Disease or illness occurred or damage in respect of hire

Any damage or defect to a property or equipment 

The equipment is the customers responsibility until we have collected the equipment and inspected it

Caution should be made when using candles, we will not be held responsible for any loses, damages, injuries or defects in using candles. Permission should be sought from the venue for the use of candles


21)We cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting in food allergy’s. Some of our Candy Cart Sweets, Forrero Rocha Stands contain nuts, traces of nuts & nut oil which have been made along side products with nuts

All Children should also be supervised by an responsible adult, has some of the products could cause a risk to choking

Prize Draw Rules

22)We recommend all entrants read the rules carefully before entering

Rules: General

The prize draw rules is open to anyone aged 17 or over at the time of entering.

Entries must be in the Leicestershire Area Only. Winner will be picked at random. 

Terms apply.

The closing date of the competition is midnight (UK time), 31st December 2018

All entries will be considered anonymously by Jojo's Special Occasion Hire

Only entries via the website will be accepted. One entry only allowed.

Jojo's Special Occasion Hire decision is final.

No current employee or Trustee of Jojo's Special Occasion Hire will be allowed to enter.

Entries must be written in English.

Rules: Winners

Prize-winner will be notified by the end of January 2019. 

Prize-winner must agree to let Jojo's Special Occasion Hire photograph there Wedding Hire in there chosen venue. The images will then be put onto Jojo's Special Occasion Hire Website for there portfolio


23)These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied you can send your complaint to [email protected]

Thank you 

Jojo’s Special Occasion Hire

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